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The kind words just keep on coming…we’re so overwhelmed with the incredible feedback from our Noobies couples. If you’re still undecided take a read of these:

For me it was about making personal contact. Pregnancy and birth is an emotional time and knowing you at Noobies respond so quickly and with such warmth is critical. You were so fast at getting back to me and incredibly patient on the phone even with my silly questions. You understand the journey and what level of comfort and encouragement to provide. I didn’t feel like a ‘hospital number’.

Great websites don’t mean the service behind it is as great. After speaking with you I realised it would be 🙂

Kingston - June 2017

Very informative and helpful. Lizzie is amazing – we couldn’t ask for a better guide!

Surbiton - July 2017

Our Noobies course was by far one of the most worthwhile things that my partner and I could have done. We feel much more prepared as we head into the birth of our child. Without the course we would be feeling much more anxious about what was to come. Noobies is by far the best and more contemporary approach to learning about what to expect. I have no doubt at all that I will be recommending the course to all my future pregnant friends.

A HUGE thank you to Amanda who was just so wonderful and made the whole process something we will remember forever. Becoming parents is a journey that is special to everyone, and Noobies only enhances that experience.

Jo, Kingston - June 2017

The strengths activity really helpful in instigating a conversation partner might be reluctant to have!

Forest Hill - July 2017

Amazing experience from start to finish. The knowledge we now have is so valuable. Amanda was amazing!

Kingston - July 2017

Just wanted to say that my husband and I found the course to far exceed our expectations! We thought it would mostly be a good opportunity to meet other local soon-to-be parents which it was, but also we learnt so much! I don’t know how we ever thought we wouldn’t need all that info, but often you just don’t even know what you don’t know! Sam was brilliant, so good to have such an experienced and lovely midwife for advice and extra support.

Forest Hill - August 2017

This is the best course out there – mainly because of Lizzie! Fantastic and highly recommended!

Kingston - July 2017

Really good mix of practical tips and thought provoking exercises in a non-judgemental atmosphere

Lee - July 2017

I really, really enjoyed the course especially how impartial it was. And Rachel was absolutely amazing! I would recommend Noobies to anyone!

Kingston - August 2017

Can Gina be on shift when we have our baby please?!

Esher - September 2017

So helpful to have a midwife from our hospital – so many tips and inside info on top of everything else!

Kingston - July 2017

I liked the relationship building activities the best. I found it was a really well-rounded course, because of these activities & helped my hubby & I to better understand each other!

Surbiton - July 2017

Thank you, the course was really wonderful. We have learnt so much and now feel very positive and reassured

Richmond - August 2017

I cannot recommend it highly enough for making a tight group of friends. We had decided to do an antenatal course for that very reason and it’s paid off in spades. We feel really close to our group, and to Amanda, and Sarah, so it feels very personalised and supported. Plus you have this group of friends you have known in pregnancy and afterwards and you can’t beat that. Doing a course together really bonds you as a group. Plus you learn loads which makes you feel prepared. I would 100% say it was worth it!

Kingston - July 2017