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Reasons to book a Noobies Course – Part 2

In part 1 of our reasons to pick a Noobies course we talked about getting professional advice and the invaluable benefit of having a support network. This week its all about the benefits for your partner and the importance of emotional wellbeing.


Pregnancy and parenthood are the biggest journeys you and your partner will embark on together….a journey that will last a lifetime. You want your partner to be involved, as involved as possible. You want to be on the same page and to be on an equal footing. During pregnancy, it can be hard for guys to comprehend what you’re going through. The physical changes are happening to you which makes it much more real for you. If your partner is a guy who needs a lot of prompting to read one of the many pregnancy books you’ve bought then a Noobies course might be perfect for you. We think inviting your partner to an antenatal class run in a pub, where they can meet a group of other dads-to-be, can be a great way to get them involved. They get all the info in an easy to understand way, whilst they can have a beer and get a whole new gang of friends. Other guys who’ll have similar worries and excitement about whats ahead.

Some antenatal classes are women only, others have sessions (usually breastfeeding) where the guys don’t attend. Whilst the guys might not actually be breastfeeding themselves we think its so important that they understand some of the mechanics and what some of the problems can be. And most importantly so they know what they can do to help. Or you might be a dad to-be reading this wanting to know how you can help at all stages. At a Noobies class we have the guys there for all the classes, they don’t get a pass out for any of them! By the end they’ll know how they can help at all stages, they’ll know how to change a nappy and they’ll have a Dad’s to-be whats app group where they can share tips with their fellow Noobies dads!


If you’re interested in wellbeing and self-development then you’ll love our Noobies exercises. They’re designed to be thought-provoking and help you deal with the transition to becoming parents, one of the biggest changes you’ll ever experience. In each of our 6 classes there’s an exercise to help you develop a toolkit of knowledge and understanding. These exercises will help you understand yourself and your partner better, we think this helps you to be more confident in your choices.

For some people this might sound a bit woo woo but parenthood isn’t just about birth. There’s much to do and think about before parenthood and for many of us we get so caught up in everything we need to buy and do before the baby arrives. So, a Noobies class will give you space to think and will prompt you to have conversations you may not otherwise have had. With the frantic pace of modern life this is invaluable for your emotional well-being. We hope it’ll help you and your partner understand each other better and have the best start possible to this crazy journey! We also hope that when your baby has arrived and you’re having a difficult day, week or month you might recall these exercises and they may help to get you through and remind you that you’ve got this.

Obviously, we also prepare you for birth because that’s at the forefront of most people minds! That’s the most difficult bit physically but the emotional changes and journey are far longer lasting. So, at Noobies we try and nurture your emotional well-being so you’ve got a great start to support your emotional wellbeing throughout parenthood.

A Noobies course will help you and your partner know what to expect so you’re both prepared, ready and reassured for whats ahead. And our Noobies exercises will have prompted some valuable conversations you might not have had otherwise that will help you not kill each other in the first few months (and years)! If you like the sound of that…check out the courses we’ve got available and come and join one!

Sarah x


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