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Reasons Not To Do An Antenatal Course

Antenatal courses are for some people one of the first things to get organised and ticked off the list. Other couples are on the fence and find it really hard to work out if its for them or not. So for anyone still on the fence about whether to do an antenatal course or not, here’s a 5 reasons not to!

1. If you prefer learning by reading books

In all honesty pretty much everything you’ll learn in an  antenatal course is available in a book, or somewhere on the internet. So its not impossible to find it all out yourself, it just might take a bit longer and you might need to find it from multiple sources. But if you love research and have lots of time on your hands this might work perfectly for you.

2. If you’re really introverted

If you’re the kind of person who hates groups, talking in groups and being forced to interact with people you don’t know a course might not be right for you. Most antenatal courses have between 5 and 10 other couples, so some groups can be large (and you may not know or be guaranteed the size when booking) and so it may be more difficult to ask questions or get to know each other, particularly if you’re a very quiet person. If even the thought of it freaks you out, it might not be worth the anxiety it could cause.

3. If money is an issue

Antenatal courses range from free (NHS) to £600+ (it varies by geography mainly) and a Noobies course is £270 so in the middle. The majority of NHS hospitals run free antenatal courses which have excellent content and are run by professional midwives. Its a great option if money is tight and you’re worried about all the other things you need to buy for your baby.

4. If you or your partner are a midwife, doctor or are medically trained

Depending on the course you choose if you have any kind of clinical background you may find you get frustrated with the information you’re given (accuracy, volume, relevance) and the value you’re getting. Our courses are designed to share all the information with parents-to-be with no prior knowledge of anything medical and to make the information really accessible. If you’ve spent anytime in Obs & Gynae or you’re a midwife you’ll absolutely still benefit from the friendship element but be warned there will be content you will already know about.

5. If you’ve already got lots of friends with babies/babies on the way who live near to you

So for you the mummy network may be less vital if you’ve got an existing, strong support network where you know other people you’ll be able to share the journey with and who will prop you up on the difficult days. Most couples coming to a Noobies course are genuinely there to form friendships with other couples, its the part people are the most excited and the most worried about. If you’re not interested in friendship you might find a Noobies course a less enjoyable experience.

Antenatal course aren’t for everyone and if you’ve got an inkling you’re one of them then its worth you and your partner thinking and discussing what your drivers and options are so you can make the right decision for you. Sometimes it can feel like antenatal courses are what everybody does but there are other ways to access the information so don’t let anyone tell you its a must if you feel it really isn’t for you.

Sarah x

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