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Our aim is to nurture and support you. We’ll give you the information and the confidence to make the best choices for you and your baby.

Noobies is a new brand of contemporary antenatal classes. We took the best of NHS and independent antenatal classes and created Noobies, so why should you pick a Noobies antenatal course:

You’ll be taught by one of our handpicked NHS Midwives from your local hospitals. They’re experts in all things pregnancy and birth and can tell you exactly what goes on in the hospital you’ll give birth in. They’re also nurturing, approachable and great fun! We think this will help you have the best birth experience possible.

We cover all the usual antenatal course content you need to know. We also focus on your emotional wellbeing and helping you prepare for the huge changes that will come when your baby arrives. We think this gives you all the info you need to know and some helpful things you don’t know yet that you need to know!

Our classes are run in small groups in local areas so you get to make friends with other parents-to-be and form your own support network. And because we want the experience to be sociable and relaxing we run our classes in bars, restaurants and coffee shops. We think this gives you a great experience and hopefully a great group of friends to share your journey with.

We want you to leave our courses feeling nurtured, reassured and ready to be a parent and we hope what we cover will help you in the months and even years ahead.

Meet Some Of Our Previous Couples

Here’s what we cover in our 6 classes:

  1. Late pregnancy and the start of labour
  2. Established labour and pain relief
  3. All things birthing
  4. Postnatal and feeding your baby
  5. Baby bootcamp – all things baby care
  6. Nurturing your emotional wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood
Everyone wants to know how they are going to get the baby out! So we cover from the early stages of labour giving you the full lowdown on what to expect and how your partner can help you. 3 of our classes cover late pregnancy to the birth. But we also prepare you emotionally and practically for all the fun that comes after the birth. So the other 3 of our 6 classes are about caring for yourself and your baby in the months after the birth.

Who says antenatal classes need to be dull? We make sure our course is as fun as possible. That means no sitting around in dusty church halls. Instead, we meet in handpicked bars and restaurants in your local area. We also pick the very best, approachable and friendly midwives so you have a lovely, relaxed experience.

We know how invaluable it is to have mums to go for coffee and baby classes with during your maternity leave. So we run classes in your local areas and we try and make sure groups have similar due dates. Its a support network you will be so thankful for in the months and even years ahead. As well as giving you lots of information our Midwives are skilled at helping the group to get to know each other and start forming friendships.
We only use Midwives who are currently working in the NHS. We unashamedly believe that Midwives who look after pregnant in their day to day work are the most up to date and qualified to help parents-to-be.

And if you have a question about absolutely anything about the hospital you’ll be giving birth in – they’ll have the answer. Other antenatal courses might claim to know or will give you an anecdotal answer. Our Midwives are the experts and because of this you’ll know exactly what to expect when you go to the hospital to have your baby. We believe this is invaluable to your peace of mind and will lead to a calmer and more positive birthing experience.

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the biggest changes you’ll experience in life which will affect every aspect of your life and your relationships. Pregnancy and parenthood can be wonderful but sometimes its also really hard. We know in pregnancy there is so much to do, plan and buy. We also think its the perfect time to think and emotionally prepare for the parenthood rollercoaster thats ahead. We aim to prepare you not just for birth and caring for a baby but for the huge transition to becoming a parent.

Our classes will nurture you and encourage you and your partner to think and discuss whats ahead. We do this by creating an environment that gives you and your partner space to think. A space where you’ll be guided and supported through a series of practical exercises to give you some tools to nourish your wellbeing for the journey ahead.

We don’t bombard you with pieces of paper. The information we give you is concise and shared with you electronically. This means at 3am when you need the information its easy to access so you can remind yourself what you learnt and revisit our useful tips.
There are some important things you expect from an ante natal class – and we include all these too. Over six weeks with us you’ll learn about:

  • The later stages of pregnancy
  • Early labour and pain relief
  • All things birthing
  • Feeding your baby
  • Nurturing your emotional wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood
  • Plus baby bootcamp for the first few months with your baby

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