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Noobies is a new brand of contemporary antenatal classes. There are lots of other antenatal courses out there and in our experience they all have good elements but we wanted to create something better. We took the best of NHS and independent antenatal classes and created Noobies, so why Noobies:

You’ll be taught by one of our handpicked NHS Midwives from your local hospitals. They’re experts in all things pregnancy and birth and can tell you exactly what goes on in the hospital you’ll give birth in. They’re also nurturing, approachable and great fun! We think this will help you have the best birth experience possible.

Our classes are run in small groups in local areas so you get to make friends with other parents-to-be and form your own support network. And because we want the experience to be sociable and relaxing we run our classes in bars, restaurants and coffee shops. We think this gives you a great experience of our classes and hopefully a great group of friends to share your journey with.

We cover all the usual antenatal course content but we also have a big focus on your emotional wellbeing and helping you prepare for the huge changes that will come when your baby arrives. We think this gives you all the info you need to know and some helpful things you don’t know yet that you need to know!

We want you to leave our courses feeling nurtured, reassured and ready to be a parent and we hope what we cover will help you in the months and even years ahead.

This actually happens really often. If it does please get in touch and let us know. We’ve on lots of occasions been able to change the dates of classes to accommodate those last minute babymoons and a whole host of other things. Its not impossible so please ask us and we’ll do our very best to help.

We currently work with Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust and Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. This means we run courses across South East & South West London, Kent and Surrey. We’ve got more hospitals we’re working with so we’ll be up and running in some new areas soon.

Our courses take place in bars, restaurants and coffee shops so its sociable and as relaxing for the Noobies as it can be! Our classes are interactive and there’s lots of discussion and chatting so you all have time to get to know each other and our lovely Midwives.

Our courses run with a maximum of eight couples as we like to keep them small and intimate. If we don’t have eight couples sign up, then courses will still take place as long as there are a minimum of four couples attending.

Absolutely – we’d love to have you there. Our courses are designed to give a comprehensive overview for embarking on parenthood. Some of what we tell you (like about nappy changing!) you’ll already know but we’re sure there’s plenty you would learn to help you with baby number 2.. Or even 3!
Congratulations! Of course – our courses aren’t specifically designed for parents of twins but all our information will be relevant. And we’ll adapt the content as we go through to make it twin-relevant!

Yes! You’re welcome to bring a friend or your Mum with you. Just let us know who you’re planning on bringing. Or if you’re happy to come along on your own – it’ll be a friendly place we promise!

We’ll try our best to make sure that doesn’t happen but we may have to reschedule course sessions based on events outside our control, including where a pre-arranged venue no longer becomes available or a midwife is unexpectedly not able to teach and we cannot arrange a suitable replacement in time. If we have to cancel we’ll let all couples know as soon as we can and will reschedule it as quickly as we can. If we have to change venues the new venue will be located within 3 miles of the original and we’ll let you know as soon as we can.
If we have to cancel a class we will let all couples know as soon as we can, and will reschedule it for a later date. It’s important for us to make sure all classes are taught so you get the holistic Noobies experience.
Then please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. If we know where you want our courses we will try our best to make that happen.
Get in touch with us at hello@noobies.co.uk. All courses are non-refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances we will reimburse you.
Noobies created the course and we work really hard to give you a great experience, which includes us handpicking the wonderful Midwives who teach on our courses and the venues. They’ve got expert knowledge but are also some of the friendliest and approachable people you could meet. Noobies are your point of contact for all things course related.

We work with the NHS so that Midwives from the local hospital teach on our courses, this gives you great insight into the hospital and the most relevant advice. The NHS Trusts we work with love the continuity of are this gives their women and the Midwives love getting to know women and their partners in a more relaxed setting. We think its a win win for everyone.



If you have a question not covered here then please do get in touch.