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Becoming a parent is an exciting journey

We created Noobies because we love supporting women, and know what a difference great antenatal support can make when you have a baby. We’re also mums ourselves and have professional and clinical experience in maternity services.

So we think we’re the perfect team to help you take the next exciting step on your journey to becoming parents.

We Believe…

  1. In a woman’s right to choose how she births and cares for her baby. We aim to give women confidence in their own choices and abilities so they leave empowered and ready for anything!
  2. That the start of parenthood Is a pivotal time for women, their partners and their future children. We believe that the better prepared and supported they are the better the journey will be for all.
  3. In offering women support to nurture their emotional wellbeing so they can successfully navigate the minefield of modern day motherhood.
  4. A happy mummy equals a happy baby.
  5. That the NHS is amazing and has the most dedicated and wonderful staff. That’s why we use them to teach on our courses!
About Sarah
About Sarah
I created Noobies to offer women and their partners an antenatal course that’s contemporary and comprehensive – the best of NHS and independent classes.

The advice and support I received from NHS staff during my pregnancies and births inspired me to create Noobies. So there was no question about who to teach on Noobies courses… it had to be NHS Midwives.

The Midwives who care for pregnant women everyday, are up to date and passionate about the amazing work they do. I love that we deliver our courses in a contemporary way, offering a more intimate and personalised experience that helps women to meet those all important mummy friends.

About Anna
About Anna
I’ve spent my entire career as a midwife, and still love looking after women at this incredibly special and pivotal time in their lives.

I’ve recently watched my daughter and daughter-in-law go through pregnancy, birth and the first few months of life with a new baby. Its reinforced to me the importance of supporting women and their partners in the run up to parenthood to help make this life-changing transition the best it can be.

I love what Noobies does – using the best Midwives the NHS has to offer relevant and evidence-based advice to help women and their partners feel confident and supported in becoming parents.

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