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Reasons to book a Noobies Course – Part 1

We know that picking an antenatal course can be really difficult and its a decision you absolutely want to get right. Antenatal courses aren’t just a financial commitment but an investment in your precious time, when you’ve already got a lot on your plate. So we wanted to share with you 4 reasons to book a Noobies course. If these 4 things resonate with you we think a Noobies course will be a great experience for you.


Noobies will be a great fit if you’re looking for a group of friends to share the journey with. Many of us spend years focusing on our careers and social lives after work. So we may not know lots of people in our local community or people who are at the same stage of life as we are. When you have a baby, especially in those first few months, your world contracts dramatically. You spend a lot more time at home and your local area than you may have ever done before. Its a time when local friends and support becomes vital.

Your Noobies group will give you a support network of like-minded individuals who’ll be grappling with feeding issues, sleep issues and looking to start those all-important baby classes at the same time as you. That’s invaluable for the moral support and advice you’ll get – over coffee after a bad night or at 3am over WhatsApp. These are the people who will get you through the good days and the not so good days. You don’t know them yet but soon you’ll know SO much about them!

At Noobies our classes are run in or close to your local area. This means you’ll (hopefully) meet other parents-to-be having a baby at a similar time who live close by. We’re so lucky to have incredibly lovely customers with a wide range of professional backgrounds. Aside from pregnancy, the common factor they share is that they’re looking for a connection and friends just like you. We know that for many of our Noobies couples, the style of approach and teaching on a Noobies course has helped form great bonds. In our sessions there’s a lot of time where we get the group talking, often in groups of guys and girls, because it gives you all a great opportunity to share and get to know each other

Here’s what Liz, who did a Noobies course in Kingston, had to say:

“We did Noobies, specifically to make friends, and make friends we did! We have the most wonderful group of friends and I love chatting to them. We have a Whats’app Group and it’s so funny how six sessions together can bond you so much. It was exactly what we had hoped for and far more. I adore our new friends, and we learnt a lot and feel we have this big circle of love and support”.

You’re looking for a course that isn’t just about benefits of natural birth or birthing at home. Whilst both those things are great if that works for you and your baby, they absolutely don’t work for everyone. Sometimes labours don’t progress or for the safety of your baby a Caesarean section is required. You can’t predict what’s going to happen when you go into labour. You might have a plan of what you’d like to happen, but your baby might have other ideas. As one of our midwives Sam puts it it’s really your babies labour, not yours. It’s really important to have all the information, so nothing that happens freaks you out and you understand what might be happening to you and why. Thats what you’ll get on a Noobies course. We know that where couples are very rigid about their birth plans and for whatever reason they go out the window it can be devastating and have a long-lasting emotional impact. So, if you’ve got an open mind and you want to be as prepared as you can be for all eventualities, than Noobies is the course for you!

We know that for many women (even before the little ones arrive) breastfeeding is an emotive topic. We know that not everyone wants to breastfeed and we absolutely know (again from our own first-hand experiences) that it won’t work for everyone. So, our midwives fill you in about everything you need to know about breastfeeding, but will also help you with information about things that can go wrong and where to get help.

All of our courses are delivered in a non-judgmental way. We believe your choices are for you and your partner to make, because you’re best placed to decide what is right for your family. We’re here to inform and empower you, not to judge.

If you’re also someone who wants to be assured that the information you’re getting is up to date, accurate and relevant, than you need look no further than our Noobies midwives. All our midwives are qualified and practicing in your local hospital. They care for women in pregnancy on a daily basis and they know the hospital you’ll be giving birth in. So, it’s more relevant than some other antenatal courses. We know that the continuity of care in the NHS sadly isn’t always ideal so Noobies really helps give you some continuity because you’ll see the same midwife every week for the 6 weeks. You’ll get to know her and she’ll get to know all of you. The inside the hospital info is especially valuable if you’re giving birth in somewhere like Kingston where you can’t have an in-person tour of the hospital or if you’re having a lot of care in the community. Our couples find this incredibly reassuring and also, it’s mind-blowingly wonderful when one of the Noobies midwives are on shift when one of their couples comes in in labour. We can’t guarantee it (we wish we could) but it does happen and when it does our midwives and couples love it!! And you just don’t get that with most other antenatal courses.

Here’s what Jo had to say about her course:

“The fact it was run by Midwives from the hospital I knew I would give birth at just made so much sense for us. From the first session we haven’t looked back. Noobies gave us all the information and support we needed going into what we now know can be an unpredictable situation. If it hadn’t been for Noobies I wouldn’t have felt half as confident or comfortable going into parenthood”.

We’ve got our final 2 reasons to book a Noobies course coming next week so make sure you come back and take a read!

Sarah x

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